Tom King Architectural Design & Consulting is a one-man, custom residential design firm, founded in 2005, and serving the San Diego and southern California region.

In my practice, I strive to restore sensibility and introduce sustainability to our built environment, by resisting the "one-solution-fits-all" generic programming of the current marketplace. Instead, I work to provide site specific design solutions, infused with ingenuity, artistry and creativity. Rarely, do I adhere to any particular 'style' of architecture, but design spaces for the way we live in the modern day. 


The context of the site and the desires of the client shape the language of the aesthetics. Typically, the homes I design blend the contemporary "use" of space with gestural trappings of more "traditional" elements, generating a neo-vernacular style suited for its environment and the human sensibilities.

To each project, I bring a thoughtful design process, suited to the needs of the individual and informed by more than 17 years of experience in the industry. I've worked with all budgets and a wide variety of materials and methods, ranging from off-the-grid solar Earthships and strawbale homes with EDGE Architects in Taos, New Mexico, to traditionally constructed high-end luxury homes of up to 30,000 s.f. while a Project Manager with Don Edson Architect in San Diego, California. Holding both a Bachelor's Degree in Ecological Design and a Master's Degree in Architecture, my educational background and work experience has equipped me with a uniquely specialized skill-set, with which to meet the custom needs of almost any client. 

Please let me know how I may help you realize your custom home dreams.